Anti-colic Baby Bottle - 9oz - 3 pack

PHILIPS AVENT SKU: PASCY10303 UPC: 75020093608
Philips Avent - Anti-colic Bottle 9oz 3pk R-PA-SCF563-37 Anti-colic Baby Bottle - 9oz - 3 pack 75020093608

Anti-colic Baby Bottle - 9oz - 3 pack

PHILIPS AVENT SKU: PASCY10303 UPC: 75020093608
MSRP: $26.99
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With its integrated Anti-colic valve, air is vented into the bottle and away from the babys tummy. Our clinically proven* Anti-colic valve is designed to reduce colic and gas. Clinical studies have shown that the Philips Avent bottle reduces colic and fussing. Fussing is significantly reduced at night as babies fed with Philips Avent Anti-colic bottles experienced 60 % less fussing than babies fed with a leading competitor’s vented bottle.* The nipple shape allows secure latch and the ribbed texture helps prevents collapse for uninterrupted, comfortable feeding. Our Anti-colic bottle is designed to prevent leakage whilst feeding, for a truly enjoyable feeding experience. With its wide neck and fewer parts, our bottle is easier to assemble and to clean quickly and thoroughly. Philips Avent Anti-colic bottle is made of BPA free material (PP). Philips Avent Anti-colic nipples are available in different flow rates (0m+, 1m+, 3m+ & 6m+), to keep up with your baby’s growth. We recommend replacing nipples every 3 months for hygiene reasons. Use Philips Avent Anti-colic bottles only with Philips Avent Anti-colic nipples. Full Compatibility with Philips Avent Anti-colic bottle with or without AirFree vent. Includes 1 bottle. * At 2 weeks of age, babies fed with a Philips Avent bottle showed less colic, and significantly less fussing at night compared to babies fed with another leading bottle. * Nipple design proven to prevent nipple collapse and associated air ingestion and feeding interruptions.

  • Philips Avent Anti-colic Baby Bottle, 9oz, 3 pack, SCY103/03
  • Philips Avent Anti-colic bottle reduces fussing
  • Ribbed texture prevents collapse for uninterrupted feeding
  • Bottle is BPA free
  • Easy to use, clean and assemble

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